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Why Choose Kota Academy

Analytical and Fundamental Approach Towards Learning:
At KOTA ACADEMY we have a unique mentoring approach for fundamental and logical learning through discussion-oriented classes. We do not promote a typical 'black-board teaching' ambiance in the classrooms, but learning through discussions which enhances the fundamentals of the students on each topic. There students learn the logical application of the concepts instead of cramming them. This further helps them in their irrelevant professional studies.

All-Inclusive and Wide-Ranging Study Material:
KOTA ACADEMY provides comprehensive study material for all the subjects of JEE (Main&Advanced) and MEDICAL (NEET&AIIMS). The scope of study material varies from school curriculum to the complexities of different competitive exams. The material elucidates through theoretical descriptions, subjective and objective type questions in order to give better understanding and further practice to attain expertise in each topic.

Study Material for JEE-Division is Categorized as 'BASIC' & ADVANCED' Level Sheets:
BASIC Study Material covers the entire preparation for JEE (Main & Advanced) and MEDICAL (NEET & AIIMS) along with the School curriculum. It is both Subjective & Objective. ADVANCED Study Material contains complex level questions that provide more in-depth knowledge and further practice questions for an advanced level of preparation. It even contains different formats of questions like Subjective, Objective type (Only one correct & more than one correct), comprehension type, integer type, etc. as frequently asked in JEE-ADVANCED and MEDICAL. After the completion of the Course, apart from the Basic & Advanced level Sheets last 10 years question papers of JEE (Main & Advanced) and MEDICAL (NEET&AIIMS) are provided to the students for revision of topic concepts. It also gives the main idea of JEE pattern and the quality of questions asked. A separate booklet is given to class XII students, containing board sample papers in order to reinforce their preparation for school board exams.

Discussion-Based Sessions and Extra Time for Doubt Clearance:
Regular sessions are conducted in the form of classroom discussions, for the entire study material. The aim is to discuss each topic with the students instead of only teaching it. Such interactive classes also encourage them to clear their doubts and come up with new queries. We also practice additional doubt classes apart from the regular sessions.

Recovery Classes through Video-Lectures :
At times during the year, it may happen that a student is unable to attend a few lectures/ classes due to certain reasons like medical ailments, not being in town, personal urgencies, etc. In such genuine cases of absence in class, he/she will be allowed to attend the video lecture of the respective class, In order to recover. This concept will enable students to get the feel of attending the LIVE session, which they have missed and at the same time will continue their pace of preparation by avoiding any break or delay.

DPPs for Additional Practice on a Regular Basis:
Students preparing for competitive exams (JEE, KVPY, NTSE, OLYMPIADS, CBSE, and other board exams, etc) are provided with two to three Daily Practice Problem sheets (DPPs) per
subject, every week. It contains 6 to 10 problems, that are unique and not repetitive to the examples taken in the class or the questions present in the study material. These problems are relevant to the concepts covered in the immediate session, as well as from the previous sessions, for regular revision. Hence, this wide range of practice improves their fundamentals on the most
trivial to the crucial topics.

Amenities for Students:
We make sure that our premises are hygienically upgraded and we provide fully air-conditioned classrooms for the students. Other facilities like purified drinking water, generators for power
backup and various other amenities are also taken care of. Additional facilities like support for transportation (pick-up and drop) are also available for students through the Van services of the Institute. These Van services have separate charges apart from the regular Course fees.

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