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[For students aiming for admission to AIIMS & other prestigious medical colleges]

Courses we offer for MEDICAL (NEET & AIIMS) preparation:


Two-year classroom course (Target: NEET, AIIMS, KVPY, school exams, and other relevant competitive exams); Eligibility-Appearing / Appeared for ClassX. Two years to develop step by step strong foundation of concepts and their application, also sharpen question-solving skills, smart thinking & reasoning skills, Complete School Syllabus of Physics, Chemistry & Biology are also covered for excellent performance in school and board.

One-year classroom course during Class XII (Target: NEET, AIIMS, KVPY, school exams, and other relevant competitive exams); Eligibility-Appearing/ Appeared for Class XI. The course develops the understanding of fundamentals & their applications, enhances mental ability & logical thinking, and improves skills to solve challenging questions accurately and with confidence. Complete Board syllabus of Physics, Chemistry & Biology is also covered for the board exam.

PRAYASH (Droppers)
One-year classroom course after Class XII; Eligibility-XIIpass (The minimum percentage required to appear in our entrance test is decided as per the latest guidelines of NEET & AllMS.) This course provides year-long continuous practice with the widest possible coverage of the theory and questions. The teaching methodology is systematic and scientific which raises the academic levels of the student multifold. A positive, stress-free, and motivating environment builds a winning attitude in students which is essential to succeed.

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